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Welcome to DAG AI, the ultimate destination for motorsports enthusiasts who crave in-depth insights and analyses of their favorite races. Our comprehensive platform offers a wealth of historical data on IMSA weather tech, WEC, and ELMS races. With cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, we leverage this data to enhance fan engagement and help teams make better-informed strategic decisions. Whether you're a seasoned race fan or a curious newcomer, DAG AI has everything you need to take your motorsports experience to the next level.

Racing Data Features

Lap Time Averages


  • Advanced analysis of lap time averages, including position and class traffic effects.
  • Filter by traffic, stint, class, car, driver rating, and session.
  • Easily select which laps to include in averages.

Driver Pace Score


  • Valkyrie’s proprietary driver and car performance metric.
  • Normalized performance metrics across classes, tracks, seasons, drivers, track conditions, and championships.



  • Quantified sportscars multi-class traffic for driver and cars.
  • Quantify traffic by class, driver, driver rating, and  sector.
  • Full race traffic snapshot.

Driver & Car Analysis


  • Lap time and sector times distribution among drivers and cars.
  • Traffic effect analysis.

Historical Analysis


  • Proprietary yellow flag detection algorithms.
  • 10-year historical database for yellow flags, driver performance, driver ratings, lap time averages, results, driver pace score, and traffic analysis.